Review of the girls weekend.. and the Chuck Norris shirts!

As I mentioned, we went to a little town in Texas, called Gruene (but pronouced Green- go figure!), to celebrate Joanne's 40th. It was a weekend of laughs and fun, and the shirts were a HIT! As we shopped at the little antique stores on the square, people were stopping us and asking us why we were wearing shirts and whose birthday it was.
Good thing Joanne is a LOVER of attention and fun, because she was eating it all up! We laughed that she is a wallflower and she needs to get out more because she would tell random strangers that it was her 40th birthday. And it worked- she got a free Starbucks coffee and a free gift of potpurri just for letting people know. HA!

We are being silly with our hair- pulling a Dana Walsh from 24 in this photo...

It was a great weekend, the kind that I keep thinking about all the laughs we had! Joanne invited her 4 sisters and her mom, and a couple of friends, so it made for a big, lively group.

We also went to a lot of antique stores and founds some really cool finds! I will be back to show you some of my favorites!

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Joanne Vuckovic said...

Such a great weekend. Highly recommend The Tipsy Gypsy to anyone that stops in Gruene. Great earring selection. Are there any pictures of the geese?