Cousins...Identical Cousins.

It was a great Easter, and because of the holiday, my husband's identical twin brother and wife are in town from Nashville. We finally got together today for the cousins to play. (No, they are not identical cousins, but I have the Patty Duke Theme Song in my head so that was the name of the post. But they do have qualities that are very similar! It was so funny to see Noah make the exact same face when he is trying-not-to-smile-but-can't-help-it as Judah makes!)
(Yes, I am 31 and know the theme song to the Patty Duke Show... am I the only one that watched Nick at Nite as a child?)

The cousins are big fans of each other, so it is so fun when they get to play together!

All the hearts melted when they gave each other a hug....! Could this be any cuter? I submit to you that it cannot.
Of course, you have to give "knucks" or "pounds" when you're a guy under the age of 10 or over 25.

All the boys! Noah, Joel (Judah's dad), Judah, and Mark (Noah's dad). Are you confused yet?
Where are the girls, you ask? Doing what every mom does- taking the pictures.

On a totally random note, we played at Barnes and Noble in Dallas and had a Celebrity Sighting. Apparently, Mimi from the Drew Carey Show has a book out and is promoting it here today. Funny.

I am in the mood to get in my pj's and watch a great movie or compelling tv show that lasts at least an hour. How's that for specific? I hope I get to soon!

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