My birthday weekend in pictures

My husband and I celebrated my 31st birthday with an overnight trip full of activities.

It started with a fondue dinner- which I love!

Then a chocolate mint pedicure followed. This was super fun and felt VERY luxurious! This is what they used for all the different treatments- including REAL chocolate and REAL mint. See the leaves on the right? Those where all over my legs. So fun. And tingly.

We found a nice, inexpensive hotel on Priceline- Le Meridan.

Had birthday cupcakes at Sprinkles

We couldn't decide on Strawberry or Lemon Coconut so we got both and spilt them!

And saw Alice in Wonderland.

This weekend I was also lucky enough to see The Ghostwriter, which was FABULOUS and I HIGHLY recommend. Probably the best movie I have seen in a while. I loved the story so much that I bought the book, The Ghost. I already have read several chapters. I am a sucker for a thriller, and this one, although its fiction, seems like it could be a true story.

This is also the best kind of birthday, which means the celebrating will go on for several days. :)
In the midst of all this fun, I have been working on several new orders, so I will also show you some of those in the near future.
I hope you are having a great day where ever you are! Its rainy in Dallas, so I must go back to my urges to curl up in a blanket and read.

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Kimber-Leigh said...

i'm so glad you had a special birthday dot! thought of you lots!!! i'm intrigued by the chocolate mint pedi! looks fabulous! happy birthday sweet friend!