Valentine Tips for Writing a Love Letter....

These are some of the tips that I shared on Good Morning Texas for Valentines Day, just bits and pieces of things I have learned along the way...

1. Hand write the note. This is hard for me- in this day where we all  spend so much time at the computer, it feels a little "stone-agey"  to pick up a pen and manually write a note, much less a letter.  But it is so precious to have the handwritten words, and years  from now, that will be part of the sweetness of the letter to look back upon.

2. Greeting. Choose an endearing salutation. Don't be formal. Use you love's first name. For example: "My dearest Jennifer . . ." or "My darling Matt . . ."

3. Be specific. We all love being praised, and the more specific the better! Things like, "you are a great husband" are nice, but it's even better to give an example, like, "you are a great husband because you take our son to get donuts on Saturday mornings and let me sleep in".

4. How has your life changed since you met? Share how your life just got better since you love came around! Maybe it has been nice to have a companion and your nights of lonesomeness are no more. Think back to what life was life was when you were single and how  its different.

5. Talk about a.... To be continued. :)

Photo credit- my favorite calligraphy- here

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