New York VS. London

We are lucky to have dear friends that live all over the world, and so we get to take amazing jaunts to visit them! Never one to turn down fun, we just planned an all-of-a-sudden trip to see some of the those friends in New York!

We are leaving this weekend, so while we are taking new photos to share with you, allow me to share some from our last trip to a big city! We went to London & Italy this July and I only posted a few of the pictures from the trip here.

Here are some never-before-seen pictures! :)

We rode a train to Oxford (which made me feel VERRRRY smart!). Lewis Carroll taught there and this is a shop dedicated to him, featuring all things Alice in Wonderland. Except Johnny Depp.

The building at Oxford used for filming Harry Potter.

The pub where CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien met to critique each other's writings. Um...cool!!

Catch you on the flippy flip!


Summer said...

Cool pics!

Kristy said...

Have fun on trip Courtney...let's start planning our crafty get together when you get back. I just signed up to follow your blog.....totally thought I had already done that :)

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

oh good! I LOVE to have new followers! :)