I am never one to make fun, of course...

But I do get a kick out of when people post things in suspect English.

I notice it everywhere. Especially at restaurants that have ethnic food- they seem to always post a sign that doesn't make sense grammatically. The worst is when it is printed on the menu's- its so permanent. It kinda makes me sad, and mostly makes me laugh. At them?...no, but more laughing with them.

Do you know what I mean? If you haven't seen this, let me introduce you to an email I got this weekend....

Dear Madams/Sirs,

Happy New year. May everything is better than past.

We are Specializes in designing and developing all types of aluminum ladders. We promotion our new product once every season. May it isn't interrupt you.

We are the one of professional ladder manufacturer in Asia and we make ladders for use in all kinds of environment .

We hold an attitude of being responsible for customers and insured all our products with PICC eliminating quality concerns by customers.

We practical creativity to provide first class products and service.

It looks like I know where I am getting my next ladder... Home Depot?

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