Family Tradition for the NEW Year!

If you’re looking for a sweet tradition to start with your family, here is one that I love. Pick out a plain box for your kids to decorate on January 1st. Use the box to hold mementos from all the special evens and activities you have done that year. Ticket stubs, award certificate, playbills…any activity you want to remember can go in there. Then, the next year, go through the box before you decorate next years box!

One thing I like I about this activity is that it is a good method for figuring out what to keep and what can be thrown away. When you have a year’s distance from an event, it is easy to decide if that piece of paper is something that can be remembered fondly then thrown away, or if it was special enough to go in a scrapbook! Do you have any other New Year’s traditions that you like?

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