I heart health.

I work a couple of days a week at a Pregnancy Resource Center. Our biggest event of the year is coming and I am pretty much in charge of it. And whaddya know, I get Strep Throat this week, with the event coming in just days.

I am glad my friend/boss nagged me to go to the doctor, b/c what I thought was allergies was Strep. I found that out after I tried to work and went sick, then got her sick. (What's the lesson there-I am a horrible friend, but great employee? Hmmmm.) Anyway, thankfully, I am back on the mend and almost back to normal.

Isn't health an amazing thing? I take it for granted day in and day out, but when I don't have it, the world stops. Email doesn't get returned, the phone doesn't get answered, Sonic trips are not taken, all in the efforts to just get well. I thought about all my little cells in there fighting the strep so hard and making me so tired, and it really is just a crazy thing that our bodies work so often without us doing anything. Pretty darn cool.
So, I think we should all say, Thank You God for our health! Its amazing.

In non-health related news, the event is on Thursday, so please send a good thought my way. We have 600 people coming to downtown Dallas to hear more about our ministry, and it is really exciting to have such a wonderful turnout! And oh yes, it is a western-themed event, and I will be donning my cowgirl boots. My borrowed cowgirl boots, but oh yes, they will be on these cowgirl feet.

Happy weekend and Happy Labor Day!

I had to include this picture. I was looking for a cute nurse picture, which I found above, but also saw this one. Isn't it so creepy? I think it is from a medical school in Thailand, but the fact that they are masking a dummy-man makes it so creepy. I think it should be on the website of a Nursing Horror Movie (which sounds extremely horrifying) instead of a medical school. Why are there so many crowded around? Why are they wearing nursing hats from the 50's? Why do they all look 13? Why is the dummy man so ill that he needs nursing attention? I have many questions.

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