Halloween Costume Ideas

I love dressing my son up for Halloween and have so much fun thinking of a creative costume. However, I do not want to make it! It stresses me out enough to try to think of something cute and unique- I just want to buy it.

I put a contest out to my e-newsletter friends asking for ideas. I realize this is the LAST year I can choose my son's costume, and from here on out, he will likely be Superman/Spider man/Batman. So I am feeling the pressure to make this one count. For my sake and love of cuteness.

So, here are some I am thinking about. Do you have a preference?
(I realize the last one looks silly, but I was thinking it would be cute to put real working Christmas lights on him and "boy' it up a little....)



Honeycutt Family said...

I like the boxer.
I've never been a Halloween fan, but with kids it is SOOO much fun! Grace was still easy to persuade this year on what to dress up as (we told her the Ariel costume was too expensive, but the bumble bee was ok to get). We'll see if next year she is stronger in her opinions on what to dress up as!!!!

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

I agree. It is so much fun to dress up and eat candy! Ha!

mop said...

I like the boxer. Definitely not the Christmas tree. I can see him really liking those gloves.