Get a $25 meal for .75 cents!

Okay, guys. I am so pumped and want to tell everyone how to score this awesome deal.
I just got a $25 restaurant gift certificate for .75 cents! HA!!!!!! Can you tell I am a coupon nerd?

Here's all you do.
There is a website that you can rebates through stuff you buy online called Ebates. I use it when I buy anything online and in a couple months made $14. Just free money.

1. So, first you sign up here: (when you sign up you will get a $5 bonus for using this link...) So, really you actually are MAKING $4!

2. After you join Ebates, go to Restaurant.com (through Ebates, which will give you 15% off your order).

And here's the great part-- restaurants.com is offering NINETY % off when you use the code NINETY. They just added Primos, and have tons of restaurants in Dallas. Just add whatever gift card you want, and you will get it for $1, which with your 15% rebate from Ebates your final cost will be .75 cents! Is this nuts or what!?!!!!!

The special is just through Sept. 13. I have never seen restaurants.com so cheap-its really fun!

I hope you score some great buys.

Feel free to link to this info to your savvy friends- I want everyone to get to do this- it will be so fun eating for $1!

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