Cupcakes, Computers and Cold Drinks

Fresh Fridays are back, and this fresh friday brings you the goodies from Fred Flare!

This is one of the most original sites I have ever seen. They have great gift ideas for people that are practical as well as fun. I love to look around there and see what's new!

I thought this cupcake making kit was adorable! This would be a really fun gift for that friend that loves to bake!

This is a USB port that you can connect to your computer or laptop for all your usb cords. Isn't this cute?!? The tulips add a little life to all those black cords!

Some of the items crack me up. No, this is not a cup with dentures in it. Those may be shaped like teeth, but they are ICE!!

See.....? And I love the slogan-- "Not your grandfather's ice tray!". Funny!!

This is another funny yet practical one. For those of us that looks on Mix Tapes fondly, this is a flash drive that only LOOKS like a mix tape. For those lovers of John Hughes films and the 80's...a way to hang on to the tape and still be productive!


Summer said...

I LOVE the USB mix tape!! That's my fave!!!

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

Yeah- it is totally hilarious! They are so creative!!