Remember when I mentioned a GIVEAWAY!?

Okay, so this was supposed to be big giveaway week, right? Then, it came and went in a blur, and its already Thursday, and the week is almost over! I am not sure what happened but I think I am still operating on Memorial Day schedule--a week later!!

Soooo, here is the treat for you. Since I was supposed to blog about a Come Together Card giveaway but did not, I am offering anyone that mentions this $5 off their next order of $25*!! So, there is your giveaway!! At least for now. And everyone wins!! Not just one person.

Another giveaway will be soon- once we are a little more adjusted to our new summer schedule.

I am usually not flaky but I cannot promise this will be the last time. ha!!!!

*this offer is now through Sunday, June 7. Happy Shopping!!

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