Ironic Tees if you please

Today's Fresh Friday is coming late in the day, just b/c family time is coming first in this busy summertime! Which is a good thing, because people are more important than blogs!! :) I mean, right?

The ironic tee never gets old to me. Some of them are so stupid, but they make me laugh and are way more creative than the youth group t-shirt or old college shirt. If you are a fan of the funny, random tee, Palmer Cash has some great ones! And the shirt descriptions are so entertaining, you will have a great time looking through the shirts.

Here are some that gave me a smile.....
Probably my favorite. Unless, this could somehow be offensive to Native Americans, then it is really not funny. But...it...is?
A throw back to the Wonder Years...the show that was a little funny, a little sad...

Computer nerds, unite!

This one really made me laugh. I don't believe it to be true- I am a voter- yet I think there is part of me deep down that identifies with this one...

These last two are for the slackers/nerds in all of us!

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