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I am going to start a "Fresh Fridays" this summer, starting today, to share some funky and fresh things. These may be small, big, new to me or an old standby. I get so inspired by finding out what people like and find useful. Hopefully you will be inspired and your creative juices will start flowing!

Today's find is from one of my favorite stores, Swoozies. If you are a paper lover like me, Swoozies cannot be beat. And if you are not fortunate enough to have one where you live, then you can shop online. The store's vibe is so fun- loud and cheery music, bright colors, and lots of eye candy!! As you can see here by some of their graduation gift ideas!!

Funky Frames....

Hand-painted initial class (not sure I want to give as a graduation gift, but cute nonetheless!) I think it would be cute for a gift to a girlfriend.

Adorable embroidered bath wrap. Such a great graduation gift.
In my college dorm, we had communal bathrooms. Seriously. This was the late nineties...couldn't the colleges spring for something more upscale than hundreds of girls sharing a shower? Still have fond memories of the shower caddy and shower shoes.
Too bad I didn't have this cute wrap to make the trek down the hall a little more bearable.
So, hope you enjoyed the fun today! Have a fabulous weekend!

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Summer said...

I LOVE Swoozies!!!!! They certainly rock!