My work in LIGHTS...or rhinestones...

I love to meet fellow moms and small business owners. I had the opportunity to meet a new friend such as this at the show I did last week. She bought a couple of my note card packs and a couple of days later, I got a email with a rockin' idea!

And Come Together Cards Jewelry was born!
Faith Creations has amazing jewelry- she takes photos of your kids, creates the silver frame and makes it jewelry! Heather can do any design you desire! She took a couple of of images from my Blessed Note cards and make a necklace. (click on any image to make it bigger.) She is working with other designs of mine, and can accommodate special requests!
If you are interested in ordering this necklace or any custom jewelry, please contact Heather at casaderice@att.net or visit her website at http://www.faithcreations.shutterfly.com/.
Cards...jewelry...my favorite things!


Summer said...

I am SOOOO buying that necklace!! I have those notecards and would LOVE that necklace!

Awesome idea! Keep it up, girl!


Lori said...

It is really great when mom-preneurs support each other. Congrats on the partnership. I pray it will be blessed.

Lydia said...

Love the jewelry...So fun! Super cute, Dot!

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

Thanks, yall! I thought she did a great job as well!