Say goodbye to my Christmas decorations...

I had good intentions to post my Christmas decoration pictures before Christmas. But now that the New Year has come and gone, this is the post saying good bye to my favorite decorations.

I collect vintage Christmas decorations, and especially vintage Santa Claus’. I find them in unlikely places- garage sales, flea markets, antique stores. I like reproductions as well, but I love to stumble upon something really old and classic! Sometimes I find things so ugly they look old, but they really are just ugly. And I don’t collect ugly stuff.

Allow me to walk you through my house and show you my Christmas decorations...a couple weeks after the fact!

The mantle in the living room...

The formal dining room that we never eat in. Do you eat in yours?

My mom made that Santa Claus- isn't it beautiful?

A couple of Christmas pictures- my son's first picture with Santa, followed by my friends and Santa at Northpark Mall. And my son wrapped in twinkle lights. A favorite.

The front door. I stuck that Santa in the drawer of the drug cabinet and I liked it. Yes, that is the cabinet I bought at a garage sale and the owner said he bought it from gangsta's. Nice.

This picture was right side up when I posted it! :)

The kitchen cabinet...and beautiful photos by Shannon Ho.

There you have it. Christmas in my house is OVA! See you next year, twinkle lights!

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