Sick at Christmas time

I have been sick a better part of two weeks(!). I keep telling myself that I feel better, then, when I try to get going and mark off one of the many Christmasy projects I have, I sink back on the couch and put it off again. And now I am running out of days to do that, b/c tomorrow is Christmas eve!

But the fact that I am sitting at this computer is a great sign. I am FINISHED with all Christmas orders (must plan better next year- I have a hard time saying "no" to the orders that sneak in late in December!)

But, even though my whole house is sick, we are still so blessed, no? There are so many GOOD things that are going on- health, family and friends- that even if I am sick in bed this year, I am still counting my blessings!

I hope wherever Christmas finds you that you are doing the thing you love the most.

Merry Christmas!

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