Christmas tree decorations- homemade or fancy?

This was always a source of interest for me growing up. We had several Christmas trees, some that were fancy and pretty and had glass balls of silver and gold. But I always preferred the tree that had the good stuff on it...pictures of us, ornaments we made in Sunday School class, clay and dough ornaments, none of which matched anything else.

Now, my husband would say that my Christmas style is "Christmas Whimsy". That's what he calls the pink and bright green and Dr. Seussy looking stuff that I lean towards-- at least for some parts of my house! Like, right now in my girly office, I am looking at a hot pink tree made out of feathers, like a boa, and a sparkly purple tree that is so bright it almost hurts my eyes! I try to tone it down in the other parts of the house because I live with 2 boys.

Which kind of tree do your prefer? Do you like the tree that matches and has a theme, or one that is more mismatched and has memories? I don't think one is better than the other- and maybe you can combine them both?
I thought it would be fun- if anyone has pictures of their trees and emails them to me- I could post the different looks that people have. Its fun to see how other's decorate, wouldn't you agree?
So take a picture and email me...courtney@cometogethercards.com!

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