Christmas cards are up and going!!

I feel like I think about Christmas cards WAY before everyone else. And, I guess, I do. I was designing this year's cards in August, and yeah, it feels a little weird. The same kind of feeling I have when I walk into Hobby Lobby (one of my favorite stores) wearing flip-flops, capri pants, and sweating in the middle of summer, and see Christmas ornaments in the aisles. (If you are wondering, they start their Christmas stuff so early for Crafters. Those darn Christmas Crafters.)

Anyway, I digress. The point of this rant is that NOW, it is actually TIME to think about Christmas cards! That is so exciting for me! I know, it is still WAYYYY to early for some the last minute Sally's out there, but for the on-top-of-it Barbara's, it is TIME! (I have no idea where these random names are coming from. Just go with it, will ya?)

So, my bloggy friends out there get to see some of the cuteness that people are ordering!

Here is a card that someone is sending out instead of Christmas cards-- they are doing Thanksgiving cards! They have a new baby, the 4th girl, and she wants to say how THANKFUL they are. Isn't that nice?

So, take a lookey-loo!

After 100 cards, I have only two words- pink ink. That is alot of pink ink, friends!

And, I just realized that I just wrote all that about Christmas cards, and then showed you a Thanksgiving card. Whoops.

So, here is a Christmas card to make up for it. This couple chose a card from the Come Together Cards website, then personalized it (for no charge, of course! Its what I do!)

So, I am having so much fun getting to work on these new Christmas cards.

And, you know what else, I am doing? Nursing a broken nose. That's right. My son, soon to be 2, broke my nose when we were playing and he head-butted me. Don't think that I will not use this against him every chance I get. Guilt-trip, here we come, broken nose and all. He will never live this one down! (insert evil laugh here. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!)

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