Where I have been...

Its been almost a full week since my last post! Where have I been you ask? Here are some answers...
  1. Catching up on orders since I was out of town. Hotcakes, I tell you. Customers come first, and blogging comes second, so, it has been second for about a week while I catch up.
  2. Looking for a new car for my husband. Since we were gone last week, we took his car to the shop and did not get a good report. We have spend lots of time looking for cars on Craig's List, which, I might add, is FULL of scams. Isn't it the worst? I totally want to be do a citizen's arrest when someone tells me that I cannot look at their car or talk to them in person before I give them money! WHAT!?
  3. Celebrating Labor Day (today) by laboring at the nearest water park. My almost 2 year old fell down and busted his lip, and it was the first time he has drawn blood. I thought that sounded like a bad Jean Claude Van Damme movie- "Drew first blood" or something cheesy like that. Can't you see it?

So, happy labor day, and especially, happy 4 day work week! Yea!!

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