Spread the word

At the start of this year, one of my goals was to feature these cards in a magazine so more people could hear about them. There is a contest in Cookie Magazine, so it is a great opportunity to make that happen- and I need some help!!

Its a "Word of Mom" contest, and the winners are named Cookie's Mom's Readers Choice (or something like that!)

Will you help?

Go to http://www.wordofmom.com/item/submit
The best category is ONLINE
Then under SHOPPING SITE enter http://www.cometogethercards.com/

Thanks for spreading the word!! Please leave a post here if you did it- it will make me so happy!! :)


andrea said...

i did it!!

allred-4 said...

I cast my vote! I hope you win!

Dena Dyer said...

I did it. :) Good luck!