Back from South Africa

I just got back from a mission trip
in South Africa. I can easily say it was the most rewarding, life changing experience of my life. Here are a couple of pictures...

This is me with a burn victim at a local hospital. She was such a sweet little girl-- it was so heartbreaking.
Some kids at the orphanage we worked at. All the kids there are HIV-positive and are getting medical care. Aren't they adorable!!!???
A room at the hospital we painted.
My husband and I at the Suspension Bridge at Oribi Gorge. I totally cannot believe I went across this!!

I would love to tell anyone more about my trip! There are SO many needs- the poverty in South Africa is overwhelming. We saw people living in shacks with dirt floors, orphaned 13 years olds raising their siblings. The area we worked in is 75% HIV positive, and the government is doing nothing to change things. It was a wonderful, heartbreaking, eye-opening trip.


Lemon Annie said...

I love your blog too! I was so happy to discover it. I will be checking it regularly. Thanks for the comment on mine!

Lemon Annie

Anonymous said...

Wow.....that is amazing. And, those precious little faces are so sweet. And, it makes me want to adopt them all! Of course, Brad would probably say no...but I can at least pray for them.

I'd love to hear more..whether on your blog or email me. You had an amazing journey.

this one said...

how amazing. i would love to do that.

thats really neat that you went over there.