The battle has begun

There is a person in my life I am afraid of.
This person does not listen to logic.
This person has a feisty temper and is prone to throw things when angry.
This person wants only his way, all the time, every time.
This person is my son, who is 18 months old.

What happened to my precious angel baby? He has turned into a hitting, stomping, fit-throwing little cuss. Not always. Just when he doesn't get his way, of course.

I think I saw it when he started drinking through a straw. At restaurants, he is a fan of the kid's cup. Only he won't leave it there. He has to take the stinking cup with him all day. You might say he looks like me, carrying around a drink all day long. If you said that, I might just tell you to shut up.

I have been starting to realize I am out of my element here, so today I went to the library and piled on some "how to parent your toddler" books. And none too soon.

My husband is playing tonight so I thought we could go get some dinner before he left to play.
Oh, what a mistake.

Judah was in full form- wanting EVERYTHING on the table. Salt shaker. Pepper shaker. Knife. Fork. Spoon. Iced tea. At what point do I get tired of saying "no"? Do kids that hear no too much in life grow up to be yes people? So, then I think, why shouldn't he have my fork? Has anyone thought about this? I am relieved when the bread comes, only he doesn't want the piece I give him. He wants the WHOLE STINKING LOAF OF BREAD. He has a chunk in one hand, a chunk of bread in the other, and still wants the loaf in the basket.

Joel and I are talking about his day at work when Judah starts sobbing. I look at him and realize why is hysterical. (Please think about the most pitiful face you can- bottom lip out- big fat tears- red face-this kind of drama.) And we cannot help but chuckle when we realize he is having this reaction to the waitress going to refill the bread basket. She took it away, the witch. There is nothing more exhausting than trying to calm a hysterical child over something that you cannot make right. No, you cannot take the loaf of bread with you- its as long as your arm. No, you cannot sleep in your shoes. No, you cannot wear that dirty diaper to sleep.

I am in the room next to him, trying to listening to calming music and not make too much noise typing so he doesn't hear me. I need-- I mean, HE needs his sleep, of course.


girlmomx3 said...

It will pass. I remember people telling me that too! I was like are you kidding--I CAN'T MAKE IT TIL NAP TIME!!!! I had "a Judah" and a newborn! God does indeed have a sense of humor! I'm sure He's smiling even now, saying "See I told you, you could do it!" Consistent is the name of the game. And no, I don't see why he can't have your fork, unless it's in your mouth. :o) Pick no and stick to it, no matter what!


{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

Thanks! I am sure I will need many more great reminders like that one!! :)