My guest room

This is the room in my house that is the catch-all room. If we have it and are not sure where to put it, it goes in here. So, the guest room has random collections, random gift books, throw pillows with cheesy sayings and magazines that I keep holding onto but never read.
Part of me thinks about painting this room b/c I am BIG on painted walls. Another part of me knows we will have another child in the distant future, and will have to paint it again, so, it is still white.
My favorite part of this room is the arbor I brought in from the yard. I wanted it in my bedroom, but it only fit around a twin, so, the guest room it was.
I am thinking about changing looks in here...my husband wants to go for an "Anthropologie-look"-- whatever that means! I have no idea. But, I like change, so I am on board for it.

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