One person's trash is...

another person's treasure! That is my favorite quote to describe garage sales b/c I find it oh-so true! I love finding great deals on what other people don't need!

So, this weekend, we are having a garage sale to raise money for our mission trip to Africa. We started bright and early this morning and have had a great time! Isn't that weird-usually its such a beating! But its nice outside, Joel, Judah and I are together, and we are having fun!!

Our friend Scarlett came by and donated the the cause, and left us a horrible Christmas lit snowglobe, kinda as a joke. She had it in her trunk-since Christmas- and wanted us to sell it. So far, it has gotten SO much interest!! No one has bought it yet, but I know it will go tomorrow. The old lady frau is out and active, and loving the knicknacks! People buy the WEIRDEST things! One man bought a nursing cooler that you keep breast milk in to use for a cooler. Uh, it has "similac" on it-- doesn't that bother you? :) Or the bottles that are labeled "breastmilk"? Oh well, to each his own! :)

Has anyone had a great find they bought at a garage sale?

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Unknown said...

I once found a double umbrella stroller for $5! Looked brand new! It was a great find for a mom who just had twins!! I never knew one existed before that!