The time has come!!

The time has come for the big giveaway!! Hooray!!

Here's how you win free personalized products from Come Together Cards, valued at $50.
(Since there are lots of new people, feel free to check out what you can win over at the link on the right.) That will take you to the website where you can see the products I design, like custom and personalized Mommy cards, family notecards, invitations, notepads and lots of other stuff!!

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS Comment on this post. That's it!!

The contest will run this Monday through Wed. On your comment, you leave:



City and State

How you found the Come Together Blog

How many times you have visited the Come Together Blog

What you come to see here/Your favorite part of the Come Together Blog...

Hopefully, these are not hard questions. I will post a sample one first if you are easily confused! (I can be...especially when I was pregnant!) (If there is something you are not comfortable sharing--age or location--please generalize but get as close as you can.)

Right now, I am planning to take all the comments and choose one at random. However, since I am in charge of this giveaway, then I might change my mind if someone really WOWS me somehow with a great comment. I am not sure what that will look like, but hey, someone else is surely more creative than me!! Anytime you refer someone to the blog or the site, you can be entered again, just ask them to leave your name when they comment.

This one is exclusively for those with Blogs.

You are entered to win another $50 valued prize (of your choosing and mine) if you feature a write up about me on your blog. This needs to be in a spot that will stay up on your blog for awhile, obviously, and describe the cuteness and benefits of Come Together Cards.

This drawing will NOT be random. The person that wins will have the most compelling, creative, enticing write up about Come Together Cards. And let me tell you, I am EASILY impressed! :)

If you can get other people to feature a Come Together Ad on their blog, they will get one entry and you will get TWO!! There is no limit to how many times you can enter as long as you keep to the rules. If you refer someone with the best write-up, both you and your friend win products.

Email me at courtney@cometogethercards.com and give me your blog address or you can comment and leave it below, saying that you have a blog write up.

So, isn't this fun??!! Its a win-win situation! It will enable you to channel your creative juices and get out of your humdrumness, hopefully! And it will help me when you spread the word to your friends about Come Together Cards.
I am sure there is something I am not thinking of, so post any questions you have, and let the contests begin!!


{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

Hi, this is my sample!!
My name is Courtney and I love Come Together Cards!
I live in Hulabaloo, Hawaii and I am 29. I come to this blog once a week, but lately I have been coming everyday b/c I love it so much!! I mostly come to see the new card designs you have/random things you write about/movies you like.
So, don't feel like you have to follow my lead...that is one way to answer the questions.

Sara said...

Hi! My name is Sara and I love your site! I live in Flowood, MS and I am a 27 year old stay at home mommy. I have visited your site in the past and did not bookmark, and I have stumbled on it again. I am going to have to bookmark it this time and add it to my blog links! I really like your mommy business cards, and I will have to keep yall in mind for Christmas cards this year! Oh, and your address labels are super cute too!

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

Ohh, Sara, I love you already!! Yes, please bookmark me!! Thanks for writing in!!

girlmomx3 said...

Hi Courtney~It's Jane from Castroville, I mean Rockwall. I am 36 for 3 more weeks. I visit your blog everyday and am a huge fan. I love getting and sending your cute stuff! It just makes me smile. I especially love your pregnant card. The tummy is exactly the way I felt, I mean still feel sometimes and my baby is almost 7!
Jane, girlmomx3

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm Shelley Neimer and I live in Hewitt, TX which is a little suburb of Waco. Sic'Em Bears! I am 35 wonderful years old. And, I found your site through you! I come about once a week to see what you've been up to. And, to see if there is any cute new pics of your family. ;) I also love to see what's new on your site. I adore buying presents for friends and teachers. It makes me happy to share about how we met. God is so good! :)

Britni said...

Playful Professional; 22; Alexandria, VA; Bloggy Giveaway; this is my first time visiting; love the background!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Courtney this is Joanne from Rockwall. I just turned 38 and found your blog through your email. I only visit when I get an email from you but will bookmark the site now to check it out as I did find it funny and helpful.

Lannie Ott said...

My name is Lannie, I live in SC. I am 29. I am a crafter and love finding fellow crafty folk:). This is my first time visiting...but I WILL BE BACK! Thanks

julie said...

Julie and I found you on Bloggy Giveaways
I live in Florida and I am 40!Yikes. I am an artist and mom
This is my first time but will be back. I love the quote of the week..will use that one and the mommy cards.

Susanne said...

My name is Susanne, I'm 36, and I live in Houston, Texas. This is my first visit to your site, and I love the Mommy business cards!

Aggiemeeker said...

Crystal here...I love everything you do!
I live in Mesquite, TX I'm 27 and make a lot of cupcakes.
I visit your blog almost everyday because you make me laugh and are so creative. I'm even working on a come together cupcake because I like your stuff so much.

MamaGames - Alexa C. said...

Hi! You can call me Piseco, and I'm 32, but I don't like to leave my city and state... sorry! This is my first time visiting your blog and I have been LOVING your cute card designs. Obviously, I found you through Bloggy Giveaways and I'm here to win! Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

My name is Shannon I live in Clinton TN I am a 24 yr old SAHM to a preemie.I found your site through bloggy giveaways and this is my first time to your place. I like the random facts. I didn't know Barbie had a last name. lol


HilLesha O'Nan said...

23 as of April 25th
Newburgh, Indiana
Bloggy Giveaways
This is my first time. :)

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

How fun to get home and see so many new comments!! Thanks for coming to see me, friends! It was great to see NEW and OLD friends, alike!! Oh, I mean, friends I had before and friends I didn't have before. I don't want to be calling anyone OLD, doncha know. Some people take major offense to that!! :)
Wow. I have never had a cupcake named after me before. That will totally be the highlight of my WEEK. Can I submit flavor choices? I love chocolate or strawberry!! But really, I just love sweets!! :)Ha ha, sorry I got so carried away when I heard I might have a COME TOGETHER CUPCAKE!! :) You can always flatter me with food!!
Its so fun to see so many visitors from all over. Texas is SUCH a great bubble that I love to see where people come from.
Okay, enough rambling from me. Keep up the GREAT comments, yall! You are doing such a great job of answering all the questions!! Yeah!!

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

Oh, by the way, we haven't had ANY blog writers yet...so that category is ripe for a winner!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Courtney,
I live in Rockwall too and I am a mother of 3 with baby #4 on the way. I personally know "the Cute Card Queen" and even new her husband in college! I visit the blog a few times a week and I have enjoyed a few special orders from Come Together Cards... a gift from a friend before I ran my first marathon, I asked Courtney to help us announce our pregnancy via a valentine's day card and she is also working on my baby book right now. My vary first purchase was the vacuum cleaner card that reads "That Sucks" in the inside... the perfect card that "said it all" when a friend went through a painful breakup.

brooke said...

I'm Brooke, and I'm 26. I live in Central Point, Oregon, and I'm here from the Bloggy Giveaway at Don't Try This At Home.
This is the first time I've ever been here, but I'll probably be back.
I'm not sure what my favorite part is yet... can I get back to you? :)

Smellyann said...

Hellew, I'm Melanie, 31, from Virginia Beach. I'm a SAHM to Curly Girl (6), Mr. Squeaks (5) and Deep Throat (3). Those are not their real names. (hahaha! It's late, I thought I needed to tell you that!) I have never been here before, but I'm interested in making cards and am going to add you to my Google Reader to get lots of great inspiration. Thanks!

noreen said...

Washinton state
Bloggy Giveaway
First visit

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Paige. I think I'm the only blue dot from Utah on your map, and I'm 40. This is my first time here, as I came through the bloggy giveaways.

Tisha Alexander said...

My name is Tisha, I am 31 and live in Indianapolis, Indiana. This is the first time to your site. I got here via bloggy giveaways and I have to say GOOD JOB!!!

Shannon said...

My name is Shannon, I'm 29, and I live in northeast Tennessee...though I'm originally from New England...more specifically, Maine! I am a stay at home mommy to four little boys, ages 1 to 6, and am expecting our first little girl in August! I found the blog through the Giveaways at Don't try this at home. This is my first time visiting, but I definitely will save this address to look around a bunch more :) So far, my favorite part of this blog is that you are creative in wanting more than just people screaming...I wanna win something NOW!!! lol

Kindra-At Home With K said...

HI my name is Kindra, 29 and I'm from Firth, Nebraska. I found your blog through the Bloggy Giveaways and so glad I did! Your artwork is the greatest! I'm a sahm and I love to craft in my spare time. I always appreciate other crafters/artists...I know how much love and hard work goes into something. I will be back to visit soon! Thanks for the great giveaway!

Linds said...

This is fun! :)
Hi, I'm Lindsey Rattan. I'm 26 years old and live in Lake Dallas, Texas. I found the blog by receiving an email from Courtney! I've visited a few times, but I have so many online unames and passwords that I can't remember my google blogger sign in info! Silly me! So, I've decided to create a new one! Okay, back to the answers... I come to the site to check out what is new and to get ideas about future cards! This past year we had Christmas cards made by Come Together Cards and they were a HIT!! Everyone adored them! Thanks Courtney! Ta ta for now! I have to agree with Shelley Neimer....Sic'Em!

Unknown said...

My name is Ann...but in blogsphere, I go by Annabelle! I'm 34 years old, live just outside of Cincinnati, OH.

I stumbled on the Come Together blog through the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival and loved what I seen! Aren't those stick people just so adorable!! :D This is the first time I've been here, but I like what I see, so I'll be subscribing to the feed!

Those stick people are just way too cute! I want to have a whole stick family of my own! LOL Those are my favorite! Maybe it has something to do with that's how I draw my own family?? Naah...that's can't be!

bethany said...

My name is Beth and I'm 28. This is my first time here-I found you through Bloggy Giveaways. I love the pink preggo thank you cards-they are so cute! I could really use those when I have my baby and people send me things :) oh yeah, and I live in Tolleson, AZ (near Phoenix). I'm here to win! :)

CanCan said...

ame: Can Can

Age: 28

City and State: Birmingham, AL

How you found the Come Together Blog: Bloggy Carnival

How many times you have visited the Come Together Blog: ONE!

What you come to see here/Your favorite part of the Come Together Blog...: the giveaway!

Suzie Williams said...

My name is Suzie and I'm 22. I live in San Diego, California. I'm stopping by from the Bloggy Carnival and really like your header. This is my first visit to your blog. I like your all the little random blips on the side bar- the this week I'm thankful for, the random did you know tid bit, etc... Your illustrations are adorable!

Tammy said...

Name Tammy

Age 34

City and State Sioux Falls SD

How you found the Come Together Blog - through the giveaway carnival

How many times you have visited the Come Together Blog - this is my first time

What you come to see here/Your favorite part of the Come Together Blog... I checked out your website, and love your picture Christmas Cards -- lovely designs.

Jennifer said...

Hi, my name is jennifer.I linve in Philadelphia ,PA. I found this blog thru Bloggy Giveawyas so this is my 1st time here but I am glad I found it:) You have a great blog and I will add to my RSS feed to keep me updated!!

Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

Tarasview said...

Hi! My name is Tara, I live in northeast Saskatchewan, Canada, I am 32 years old, I heard about your site through the bloggy giveaways carnival and this is my first time here! I also have 3 kids and mommy brain so you should be thoroughly impressed with my ability to comment at all!
I would love to win this! Please enter me.

Debbie said...

What pressure! I am middle-age after all and the mind is sinking faster than the backside! OK, I am Debbie and I'm 45. I live in Knoxville, TN. This is the first time I've been, thanks to the carnival, and I love the cards! So, if I can find my way, I will be back.

Unknown said...

Hey, this is Ashley from Tampa Bay, FL. I am a 30 yo SAHM. I found you through Bloggy Giveaways and this is my first time on your site. Thanks for the chance to win. Very cute cards!

Anonymous said...

Name: Peggie

Age: old

City and State: Lampasas, Texas

How you found the Come Together Blog: bloggy giveaway

How many times you have visited the Come Together Blog: this is my first, but I checked out your cards and love both your blog and your cards!

What you come to see here/Your favorite part of the Come Together Blog...I will not lie, I came to see your giveaway!

peggie dot loden at gmail dot com

Kathy said...

Hello my name is Kathy I live in Duncan, SC. I am 47 and love the cards on Come Together. I just learned about the site but will be visiting oftern.

Jon and Sarah said...

My name is Sarah. I am 29 and live in Allen, TX. I found this site through the bloggy giveaway and is my first time visiting. I really like your stick people and plan to come back for more ideas.

Anonymous said...

Name: Kristi, Age: 40, OKC, OK
How you found the Come Together Blog: Bloggy giveaways
How many times you have visited the Come Together Blog: my first!
What you come to see here/Your favorite part of the Come Together Blog...cute cards!

Anonymous said...

Hey, my name is Adena. I will be the big 40 later this year and I live in central Florida with my family. This is my first time to visit but love the cards!!

The Chatty Housewife said...

Hi there I am The Chatty Housewife, I am 25, and located in NW, WA. I found your blog through bloggy giveaways. :) It is my first visit but I am looking forward to looking around!

Unknown said...

please enter me in your contest