Sharing the love

My friend had this link on her blog, and as soon as I saw it, I knew I would be placing an order. Its for those of us who have to pull down our shirts whenever we bend over so peeping Tom or Tammy's will not see anything extra....Its called My Hip-T. Its a little band, kinda like a Bella band (that some of us have worn while pregnant) that you wear under your shirt for an extra layer of protection from short shirts. It looks cute and layered and allows us girls to keep our modesty intact!! Such a great find!!

Another cute find-- Wallies! They are chalkboard adhesive that you can put on anything. So clever. On another blog I saw a picture of someone that put these on canisters in their kitchen and it looked adorable.

Anyone else have any items they cannot wait to pass along?


kelly said...

ohhhhh, now i know what to get to help me remember my vacation in the hamptons!!!!

haha - just kidding. those wallies are really cute - i'm thinking i really would love them for a wall calendar! (on the wallie website picture, the calendar has "the hamptons" vacation marked!)

andrea said...

i totally have a couple of hip-t's! they're great... you just have to get used to something on your stomach and the material is pretty thick so you can't wear them with some shirts. bot other than that i've really liked them!

Shawna said...

love the wallies idea! think i might be making a purchase today. :)

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

I am very glad for the Hip T feedback. I got one in white, so I found that very helpful. I can't wait to get it and wear it!!
Did anyone get the Wallies yet?