This week's LOST

Wow. What a great one. Okay, so much happened, sometimes it helps to do a recap.

ALERT!! ALERT!!-- IF YOU ARE NOT CAUGHT UP TO THIS SEASON OF LOST, STOP READING THIS NOW AND GO TO MY WEBSITE AND LOOK AT CUTE CARDS. (I hate to spoil it for you, and I might as well suggest something fun for you to do!!)

This is what I know/don't know:
Yes, it was Michael on the freighter. Why in the world is he working for Ben??!!
Either Michael or Penny's dad faked the death of 300 people. Why? Did you understand this part?
Why can't we trust the captain? Why did that girl commit suicide?
Sun told Jin about the relationship and he forgave her. Nice part about Karma and then he caught a fish. (can you hear the sarcasm?)
Sun has a baby girl.
Jin dies. Oh, the sadness. When does he die? Is he part of the Oceanic Six? He could have died on the island and they carried his ashes or dismembered limbs to get buried in China.

So, the Oceanic Six are...
Hurley and then this is where it gets fuzzy for me
Baby Aaron is one, does he count?

Any theories or did I miss something?


a boy a girl and a pug said...

Okay I don't remember the last time I bawled that hard watching tv. I was so excited thinking he is part of the 6 and then when it turns out to be a flashback and Hurley and her at the grave site. Oh I cried like a baby. I can't figure out the Aaron thing? Any ideas?

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

No kidding. So wrong. I am torn between sadness and itching to find out HOW!!?? Why would he die, and where!!?? Yeah, it was way sad.

TJPPPSmith said...

I thought that Ben was the one that had the plane put in the ocean? I don't know about who the 6 are either...it said a few weeks ago that we would find out the last of the 6 this week. I assume that Aaron counts as one, but the remember Desmond's vision of Claire getting off the island (the reason Charlie swam down to push the button).

kelly said...

didn't they show sayid off of the island, too? you know, when he killed that guy on the golf course. so maybe that's
i think claire must get off of the island - maybe to the boat, & then she dies??? don't know if i can handle that one!