I think I solved a LOST mystery!!

I was thinking, "why are they making such a fuss about who is working for Ben on the freighter? Why do we care?" Then the preview for next week said something about us being surprised when it was revealed b/c we haven't seen the person for a long time.
It couldn't be:
Shannon (because they are both dead)
Who haven't we seen who is not dead?


Don't you think????!!

Share your opinion, or, if you don't watch LOST, anything else. :)


jenni said...

Hi, I read Liz Seay's blog... And I was thinking the same thing about Micheal last night!

a boy a girl and a pug said...

Oh I agree. Hubs thinks that there is something up between the time on the island and the time on the boat. So that's why it will explain how old Michael has gotten and the fact that he's on the boat he is able to come to the island and help Locke out. Who knows! I'm still in shock from a few weeks back finding out that Kate has Aaron. What's with that?

Aggiemeeker said...

Oooo....I had not thought of him! I think you are on to something. Maybe we'll figure it out this next week!

Unknown said...

i think you might be right!
for a while, i kept thinking it might be Charlie (maybe he didn't die afterall).
but Michael makes way more sense!

nice to meet you in blog land!
thanks for reading mine!
you are super creative.
its great you get to do something you love!

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

Oh, so fun!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I was SO proud to finally have figured something out about LOST b/c most of the time I spend scratching my head, but loving it all the while!! I am just waiting to be wrong, though!
Please feel free to always write about LOST- I love to talk about it and LOVE to hear other theories!! Thanks for checking in!!