The Chocolate Queen

I just did an order for Lake Pointe Church girl's ministry. The leader is a dear friend of mine, and had the FABULOUS idea to do a "Chocolate Fest" for girls and their mom's. It was held around Valentine's day, they brought chocolate dishes, and a chocolate queen was crowned!! I did the award certificates, which were all pink and chocolate brown, of course!!

Here is the winning dish--YUM--how great does THAT look?!? Below is the Chocolate Queen and her mom. Notice her cookie sceptre, and cookie princess cap!! So creative!! She is holding the Come Together Certificate, as well, which I am sure is the best part of her win!! :)


Aggiemeeker said...

haha! I just blogged about this as well!

andrea said...

oh my gosh... how cute is that award??

that's a rhetorical question...