Here is a new golfing card I did for a new client's daughter and friend!!
I need some insight. My birthday is coming up next week, and I want to celebrate by doing something fun on the blog and Come Together Website. This could be anything- I am open to suggestions!! If I take your suggestion, you will get a free packet of thank you cards!!
So, let the brainstorming begin!!


a boy a girl and a pug said...

well happy soon to be birthday and I love the "chicks with sticks" too cute.

umm, my brain is sort of out of it but I'll have to be thinking and come back to it. so fun though

KerrisKorner said...

So what if you re-do your logo to look birthday"ish" like they do on google. YOu know, how they are always changing out graphics in the word for seasonal things/holidays. You can also get it to download a song that plays when people go to your site. You should get Joel to record "Happy B-day" for you on "Garage Band" (not sure if he has that) and link it to your site...that would be so funny!

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

Great idea!! Anyone else? All thoughts will be evaluated on Monday morning.

Anonymous said...

I have a March birthday coming up too. How about a Come Together to Celebrate Me card? Could be an invite to a party you are throwing for yourself.. ask invitees to come with a note of encouragement detailing what they love about you. a bit self indulgent, but fun!
You could also do a post asking for people to recount their best birthday party/gift ever.
Happy Birthday to YOU!

Frenchgeorgia@gmail.com said...

My birthday is in 2 days! I always love being with special friends & family on that day/week!
For your special week/month LOL how about having friends and family send special quotes that you can then turn into one of your special creations! I LOVE YOUR SITE!!