American Idol

I know I am a in a small minority of people that DO NOT watch American Idol. I know-- all the other ones are probably people in America without tv's!

So, it was interesting when someone who goes to my church, Jason Castro, made it to the top 24. My husband just had lunch with him last week. Bragger.

The whole town of Rockwall has been buzzing for the past several months. People talk about it almost everywhere we go. I have gotten numerous emails "telling" me the news. I find myself getting over-American-Idoled every year, but this year it was really getting to be a bit much.

Frankly, I was out from the beginning. I don't really care about teenagers becoming the next Britney Spears or Daughtry. I know, I know, that makes me weird, b/c everyone else does!

But I found myself tonight, watching Jason, rooting him on. I guess its like watching the superbowl- its much more fun when your team is playing.

So, I guess I might watch an episode or 2. I might care. But you heard it here- I am not gonna vote!

Anyone want to talk me into the reasons I should care about American Idol? Please do so now or forever hold your peace.


Shawna said...

I will be the FIRST to tell you that you should absolutely, 100%, without a doubt care about American Idol. :) Read my blog. I am addicted.

It's the ONE show that actually has results! Like these people go from an everyday person eating Sonic and Subway to the red carpet winning Grammy's! What in the world is NOT exciting about that? Can you tell I'm passionate!?

I do hear you and yes, it gets a little carried away each season...but it is truly amazing that these are normal people and they have amazing talent and end up being #1 artists. Do you not have a Daughtry CD or a Carrie Underwood CD or a Kelli Clarkson CD? I think they are way more talented than some artists out there b/c they are the real deal. I definitely think you should give it a few more chances, and what's not to love about our Jason!? He is too cute and did SO great last night. VOTE!!! :)

andrea said...

I didn't realize that Jason was from Rockwall! He was my favorite and I voted for him last night! Yes I voted and here is why: 1. because I would want people to vote for me if they liked me the best and 2. I can not complain about the winner, the music out there, etc IF i do not vote.

It's much like the presidency... I know people here who did not vote in the primary but are now complaining about some of the party nominations. My feeling is - you can't complain if you don't let yourself be heard. I might do a post on that because I could go on and on.

So, while I won't try to convince you to like American Idol, I would encourage you to vote if you watch it because you have the opportunity to contribute to someone's bright future. And if you like the show but choose not to vote, I don't think you can complain about those who are kicked off. And if you don't like the show and choose not to vote, I would just tell you to not watch it because what's the point??

andrea said...

I just reread my comment... I'm such a nerd.

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

Such great comments. You make very compelling arguments.
Does the fact that someone can SING make them a musician? I say NO. Just because someone has a good voice/the pop star look does not mean they should be famous. What happened to songwriting? What happened to playing an instrument? What happened to good, PURE music, in every ounce of what that means? These are the things, that I feel, make a musician whole. Sure, there are people out there that can belt it, and yes, maybe we need the Mariah Carey's and the Whitneys, even if they have nothing else to offer but a great voice. But HOW MANY do we need? And if people are that good, music will find them. Not they will wait in line at an arena to become FAMOUS on the same show that shows the horrible people so we can laugh at them. I think this show, please forgive me for saying this, is DUMBING down music. I know, that is an unpopular opinion. I can hear the passion in both of you. I am going to give it a chance this seaon, I am just not convinced.
No, I don't have any of those cd's. And yes, Andrea, I hear you- I would not complain if I didn't vote- I totally agree. However, I don't know if I care who wins. Maybe I will. But I just know whoever wins is going to be so hyped up by tv shows, radio stations and watercooler talk that I am not sure if I care b/c the rest of media/society cares enough to turn me off.

Honeycutt Family said...

Matt and I have never been big American Idol fans either (I think that totally puts us in the minority with you, Courtney). I always forget what night(s) it is on, the channel it is on, etc. I usually join the bandwagon at the end of the season and watch the final few episodes, though. I have never voted. Hearing that there is someone from Lakepointe on there, though, makes me a bit more interested...

girlmomx3 said...

We voted and voted!!! We have never watched a single episode until we knew Jason was going to be on. We have known Jason since he was about 7 or 8. Am I a bragger? He was the best last night! He seemed so calm, like it was so easy to sing on National TV in front of millions. I was so proud and happy for him and his great family.

As for your non-watching, I think it's because your married to a professional musician. You know what it takes to be in "the business". We don't watch fireman/emergency medical shows for the same reason. It's no fun, because you the "real story.

So watch and vote--we won't tell anyone. Vote after 9 on your cell phone, it's free!


a boy a girl and a pug said...

oh my. I'm sort of sitting her feeling like a loser because I have not watched one episode of american idol. i did meet the crazy haired chick from season 1 at chick-fil-a.

andrea said...
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andrea said...

I agree that just because you're a good singer doesn't make you a great "musician." However, AI has never said that they're looking for the greatest musician, they're looking for a great singer. And I believe the most successful pop stars usually aren't great musicians. Jason was the first person they've EVER let play a guitar... which is HUGE for American Idol and I like the direction it's going.
There are 2 reasons why American Idol is so successful: 1. People love and are completely drawn to a Cinderella Story and AI is full of them so it captures the viewers; and 2. it's a brilliant way of getting someone started because once they're signed they've got this massive fan base... this is what captures the music business - guarantees sales. Though not every winner has been a great star in the end (Taylor Hicks). There have been a couple that are really great and very successful - Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. And what's more is that some of them end up being songwriters and musicians.

I will admit that American Idol goes wrong during the audition episodes - I think it cheapens it and makes it cheesy and I don't watch those. To be honest, I don't love it now... I usually don't really get into it until the top 10.

I seriously am stepping off my nerd box now. I'm almost embarrassed to post this... ah, whatever; this is more for arguments sake.

Pen the Tale said...

uh, i don't really watch it. usually putting kids to bed and don't have the nifty dvr or tivo. i will linger on it (like last night) if i am watching tv.

didn't know a rockwall kid is on there. fun!

sorry, i didn't read everybody's comments in full b/c someone wants to play on the computer...

.kp. said...

dont watch television much. prefer to read at night when the girls go down. zero interest in underwood or clarkson, thought chris was great. what happened to taylor?

its so easy to keep up if you just read the paper. see, i know their names and dont have to even watch.

just not my thing.

Jennifer said...

Alright, now I feel like a complete dweeb because of all those who DON'T watch and I still think it's a fun show. At this point in the game, I don't know all their names, but I can guess who will be voted off in the earlier rounds. I love the Cinderella aspect of the whole thing - that it gives someone with a lot of talent a huge chance and gets them out of the starting gate. Love Carrie Underwood and Chris Daughtry. And have you heard Mandisa's CD? So good. And she wasn't even in the top 3, I think. We vote in the later rounds once we're "invested"!

Unknown said...

I think I am leaving this discussion realizing it is just personal preference. You are not a dork depending on if you watch or don't watch, I think it just appeals to different people.
Thank you for clearing this up. :)

Aggiemeeker said...

I have always watched it, but I hate the name of the show, really does it have to be called Idol? That has always bugged me. I honestly just like hearing young singers that are good....also the reason I have a myspace. But I can't recall a single time I've voted. Maybe I should, since I kinda know Jason?