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Haven't you always wanted to read someone's diary? I guess that is why my childhood diary had a lock on it. It was a big pink heart lock with my name in puffy paint, and as I recall, I kept the keys attached to the lock. Most of the time, I wrote things about my friends hoping they would read them, so, with that 6th grade goal in mind, I guess that was a good place to keep the keys.

This is a place to read about what I am thinking. Some of it will be related to cards and new creative processes, and most of it will be random thoughts that I would like to broadcast into your home for no apparent reason. But all of it will be fun. That is my money back guarantee.
It will be updated and interactive. I hope it is a place that you can come and chat with me. Believe me, once you start checking blogs, you might get addicted. It is a great way to kill time, but more than that, stay connected with friends and make new ones!!

Take a look at the new products page for all the, well, new products I have. I guess that is self-explanatory! This Christmas, I designed alot of new Christmas cards, which I had such a great time doing. It is such a neat way for me to feel connected with your family!! I even did some matching newsletters for those that send newsletters.

Speaking of, aren't some people's newsletter's funny? It can turn into such a comical ordeal, complete with health problems, bragging, and endless accomplishments of their children. I love to get those, and either relish all the details and pictures, or make fun of them. KIDDING. I only make fun of a very small, minute number. I have included one of my favorite examples of a Christmas newsletter below.

I also have added some new invitations and note cards. The new note cards have gotten a great response, and really should be called "Wild about Polka Dots". They are heavy on the dot. And you can see my very favorite new product, the Photo Cartoon. This is such a great way to personalize an invitation one step further by including a photo!!

As always, I appreciate you perusing my site and being a friend of Come Together Cards. It is such a blessing to get to create for others! Please, check back, leave your comments, and tell your friends!

Christmas newsletters... Hi Erma, This perfectly delightful note is being sent on paper I made myself to tell you what I have been up to. Since it snowed last night, I got up early and made a sled with old barn wood and a glue gun. I hand painted it in gold leaf, got out my loom, and made a blanket in peaches and mauves. Then to make the sled complete, I made a white horse to pull it, from DNA that I had just sitting around in my craft room. By then, it was time to start making the place mats and napkins for my 20 breakfast guests. I'm serving the old standard Stewart twelve-course breakfast, but I'll let you in on a little secret: I didn't have time to make the tables and chairs this morning, so I used the ones I had on hand. Before I moved the table into the dining room, I decided to add just a touch of the holidays. So I repainted the room in pinks and stenciled gold stars on the ceiling. Then, while the homemade bread was rising, I took antique candle molds and made the dishes (exactly the same shade of pink) to use for breakfast. These were made from Hungarian clay, which you can get at almost any Hungarian craft store. Well, I must run. I need to finish the buttonholes on the dress I'm wearing for breakfast. I'll get out the sled and drive this note to the post office as soon as the glue dries on the envelope I'll be making. Hope my breakfast guests don't stay too long, I have 40,000 cranberries to string with bay leaves before my speaking engagement at noon. It's a good thing.
Love, Martha Stewart

Response from Erma Bombeck:

Dear Martha, I'm writing this on the back of an old shopping list, pay no attention to the coffee and jelly stains. I'm 20 minutes late getting my daughter up for school, packing a lunch with one hand, on the phone with the dog pound, seems old Ruff needs bailing out again. Burnt my arm on the curling iron when I was trying to make those cute curly fries, how DO they do that? Still can't find the scissors to cut out some snowflakes, tried using an old disposable razor ... trashed the tablecloth. Tried that cranberry thing, frozen cranberries mushed up after I defrosted them in the microwave. Oh, and don't use Fruity Pebbles as a substitute in that Rice Krispie snowball recipe, unless you happen to like a disgusting shade that resembles puke! The smoke alarm is going off, talk to ya later.
Love, Erma

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KerrisKorner said...

Love the new Blog, but I can't type long...I have to go kill some geese to make a mattress that I can cover with my freshly woven sheets and newly knitted blanket so me and my robotic husband that I engineered with some wires I made can go bed!

Happy Blogging!!