Zebra print bachorlette party

Some designs are easy to do because I have learned the design style of the person ordering. Sarah Beth, as it turns out, has similar taste to my personal taste, and is laid back enough to give me a few details and let me run with it. That is super fun for me, and as a result, I had a ball designing this sassy zebra print bachelorette party invitation.

So imagine my delight when I came across this AMAZING, funky, and spunky ZEBRA shower!
Ohhh, I die of loooooove!

I think this is so fun and a theme that could be used for so many things- baby, shower, birthday- just like jeans, zebra can go with anything!
I did this wedding shower invitation in pink and zebra, and it could be tweaked to match this party theme too!

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Joel Warren said...

Have you tried the strawberry cupcakes? I want some! Oh and great blog btw!