This weekend in the life of the Cute Card Queen

I had a show this weekend at an elementary school in Dallas. I never quite know what to make of shows...I can never decide on which cards to bring and how to condense my whole line in a booth that is 6 feet wide.

This weekend was a show called Hyer Elementary, (put on by the preschool association in University Park) and although I wasn't sure what to expect, I had a great time! The weather was beautiful and I was surrounded by adorable products everywhere! I got to talk to a lot of the other vendors there, and made some friends! And you can't beat new friends!

So, thanks everyone that came to the show. It was a ball.

My mom and husband were a HUGE help too! I can't do that kind of stuff without them, so thanks to them.

Its so interesting to watch and see what is going to sell best at each show. Its seems like it is different every time. This show, the custom notepads were a hit. I had numerous orders from ladies ordering them for their "Ya-Ya" groups, Sewing clubs, and "Lunch Bunch". These are really fun to design b/c I can make them so personal!

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