Wedding favor photo cards

I am working with my friend, Jodie, who needed some cards for an upcoming wedding she is photographing.

I made these cards to pass out at the wedding so they would have the link to view the pictures.
On other news, I am super busy working on a *NEW* website for Come Together Cards. I am so excited about it but it is sucking the creative life out of me! Web design is not my calling in life. That is for sure.
I will try to keep enough to squeeze out some blogging, though!
It is amazing weather in Texas- I truly feel that this might be the start of fall. It is so weird how it was just one of the most devastating weather weekends, then the calm after the storm. That says something about God's nature to me... I just don't know what. Maybe that he doesn't give us more than we can handle? Or that he gives grace and beauty after hard times? Not sure, but something like that! :)
We have a busy week this week! My husband is singing in a wedding, so we have that all weekend, plus a fundraiser this Thursday, and a ballet this Sunday. Shew. We will be party animals by the time its all done!

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