Thursday is tv night....

Has anyone else have the wave of sickness/allergies hit them? I am not sure what it is, but it has hit me and my family and put me out of commission for the last week. I am still a little out of it, but finally able to think without my head swimming.

Okay, so this week is big in tv-- The Office and Grey's Anatomy are back! On the same day! At the same time!

Friends, what the heck are we simple folks gonna do?? We only have one tivo and it only tapes one show at a time. For that matter, we only have one tv with cable.

So, WHAT DO WE TAPE/WATCH??? This was an issue last year and will be again! Grey's is TWO hours and The Office is one. Either way, I am missing a show I want to see. I am racked my brain to figure out a solution, and I need to defer to you. Any ideas?? I could watch online...but only have a desktop in the office, which is not the most comfy, but might have to do. Humph.

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