Happy Super Bowl

Isn't Super Bowl Sunday fun?! It is the only "unofficial holiday" that everyone celebrates, whether they like football or not.

Are you a commercial lover? I have never really understood this phenomenon. Why does everyone get so excited about the things that keep us from the reason we are watching in the first place? I mean, these are the things we usually fast-forward through when watching any other show. And now we are excited to see how advisers are paying millions of dollars so we will remember, talk about and buy their product. I just don't see the allure. But, that is what makes me weird, I think, b/c the rest of the nation talks about the commercials more than the game.

Personally, I get more excited about the half-time show or who sings the national anthem. And there have been some doozies!! Janet Jackson and the "wardrobe malfunction" (which was totally on purpose- who are they kidding!?) and Prince last year and his crazy guitar. I wonder what Tom Petty will do to compete with that!? Hopefully, nothing!! I could use a nice, PG rated Super bowl half-time show.

The real reason I like to watch the Super Bowl is not for the football, commericals, or even the music, but b/c it is a great reason to get together with friends or family! So, I end up sitting with the girls in the corner who don't really even know which teams are playing. I do know Tom Brady, though. Cuteness.

Speaking of cute-- I saw a recipie for potato "pig" skins. They were frozen potato wedge french fries with cheese, bacon and sour cream. Pig skins, like football- isn't that cute!!?

Have a great rest of the weekend and enjoy those commericials. Or don't.

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