Great sighting!

I was in a really cute boutique recently, and saw this adorable shirt!!
How fun is that? If you are having to squint to read it, it says, COME TOGETHER!! I guess that is the benefit of a buisness with the same name of a Beatles' song. I didn't name Come Together b/c of the Beatles, but I will take a cute shirt out of the deal!! Ohhhh, but on the website I saw it on, (www.lyricculture.com) it is $90. Ouch. I like it, but I don't know that I will ever like a t-shirt enough to fork over a Benjamin for it!!

I guess I should be on the lookout for other Come Together Stuff. When I was in elementary school, I collected pigs. (Not sure what that says about me.) Now I might start another random collection. And please, if you see anything to add to my newly decided Come Together collection, let me know!!

As far as what I collect right now, vintage kitchen stuff, and vintage Christmas decorations are all that make the list. I am into vintage. I love the look of trinkets, signs, toys and books from around the 1950's. The are so....nostalgic. I pretty much love anything vintage.

It takes 5 to make a collection, did you know that? So if that is the criteria, I also collect crosses, picture frames, and old ceiling tins. And when I shop at Sam's, I collect toilet paper, biscotti's, soap, and paper towels. :)

So, what do you collect?

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