New creations

I am working like a dog to get an order ready for my Celebrity Bakery order. They open next week in Rockwall, and will be stocking my cards in this store at opening, then moving them to all 5 locations. In the meantime, I had time to see 27 Dresses today. I highly recommend this great chick flick. It has everything-- handsome leading man, great Elton John karaoke scene, and funny wedding memories. It was a fun diversion from work!!
I love the movie poster and am inspired to make an invitation based off it. I just need my next bride to let me use their head for the photo!!

Here is a Valentine's card that is one of my newest creations. I couldn't decide what to include on the tag, so I went with a "love" theme. It can easily be changed to something for a friend, though.

I am still loving the poll! Thanks for being a part!! I am so entertained by the lives of others!!


andrea said...

i love that card! so cute.

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

Thanks, friend.
Should I be considered that so many people have chosen the "stalker" choice as the reason they are on this site? Scary.