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Since I wrote the last post, I got S-I-C-K. Sick like you feel when you are a kid. So, I was forced to stop working, stop my to-do list, and stop obsessing over things, and just rest.

Rest can do a lot for a body. It is when I get sick that I realize this the most. Every time I would lay down and sleep, I would wake up a little bit better. Isn't it kinda weird to think about that every human has a need to lay in a horizontal position and close our eyes and hibernate like bears do? And we need to do it every day? And we make little decorations for it, like pillows to sleep on and sheets and comforters and throw pillows on top of our pillows. Okay...I digress to the randomness of sleep (and myself).

So, while I was resting, I caught up on the lightest of reading- magazines. I love love love magazines and could never have too many. And I couldn't concentrate on anything really deep, so it worked out perfect to catch up on my magazine pile.

Here are some things I learned from Good Housekeeping.
Dr. Phil had an article about 5 Secrets of Happy Couples, which I thought was really good. Some of my favorite quotes...

Dealing with problem #1 Unrealistic Expectations--

There is nothing wrong with your marriage if you dealing with bills and kids and the broken garbage disposal and in-laws and work demands. That's a normal marriage. But if you never thought that's what marriage would involve, ..you need to get clear. This isn't a long date. This is a marriage. ---Dr. Phil

For those of us that are married, isn't that so true? Its like we sometimes expect the whole marriage to be like a date, when actually there is more reality and less date-like feel, and that's okay. That is real life. As much as I love movies and media, they can sometimes set us up for unrealistic expectations.

Problem #2 Money Miseries
...So 1st, you have to get real about what a fixed expense is. Because frankly, there aren't many. Food and shelter, that's about it. Cable tv..cell phone...Internet access... these are not fixed expenses. --Dr. Phil

This was a wake up call when I worked with the benevolence program at my church. It was so interesting that people that were in debt up to their eyeballs and could not pay their payments had so many "toys' that they felt entitled to. I do not say that to judge them-- not at all. People can spend their money however they want. But when they were coming to receive help from the church, we had to talk about what was appropriate to spend money on and what needed to be put off until they were in a better place. This was a great reminder to me to mentally keep luxurious expendatures in the right place and not to feel entitled to things.

The other marriage concerns were:
Family members who meddle
Kids who won't listen
Career concerns

Our lives are perfect concerning those issues, so I had no helpful quotes from that. :) ha.

My final excerpt from the shiny pages comes from an article called, "Love the One your with" talking about our body. Could this come in pill form please?

The quote that opened my eyes wider...

"Don't wait until a scary medical diagnosis to take the time to appreciate what you have right now. ...Think about the people you know who have died, and what most of them would have given to have one more minute in their body, no matter what their size. To speak to a person they love. To notice a yellow crocus poking through the snow (or dirt in Texas) in the early spring. To walk, run, touch, listen, to taste."

So, I had a lot to think about while I fell asleep!! :) Any thoughts from you...?

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KerrisKorner said...

Glad you're feeling better. So I know Dr. Phil is in a little legal trouble for practicing without a license and breaking HIPPA, but he still has some valid points. I agree that we need to count our blessings and enjoy who we are around. I also think that if you have lost someone you really care about, you think about how much you would give for just 5 more minutes with them...that longing goes both ways. A good reminder to not take people for granted...all the more reason to write them a fun note on a polka-dot note pad!