Leap Year Explained

What is Leap Year?

Am  I the only one that forgot most of what I learned in school? I am sure its some facts are somewhere rattling around there, but I like to cover them up with episodes of Parenthood and current issues of Real Simple. (Speaking of last week's Parenthood- what a doozy!! Was there a dry eye in the house!?? AHHH!)

So, when I decided to do a Leap Year Giveaway on my Facebook page, I wanted to put a graphic with it. It was then I realized I have NO idea what Leap Year is. Like, none.

Do I include a cheesy picture of someone "leaping"?
Uh, no.

Then how about some frogs?

Wrong again.

I could alwasy go with a nice office calendar showing Leap Day?
No thanks.

How about the movie poster of the movie called Leap Year?

Not that either.

Finally, I found this VERY helpful infographic that explains all you ever (and maybe never) wanted to know about Leap Year!

cheapsally.com via Huffington Post

Finally. We are smart again. It has something to do with the moon, sun and calendar.  
Back to tv and magazines!

Wanna hear more about the giveaway? Its now through Leap DAY!

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