How someone ELSE got to this blog...{funny keywords}

I never know what causes people to read the blog. I mean, other than the fact that I am wildly amusing and a kind, angelic creature with a witty sense of comedic timing. Okay, so other than that...

It could be that they like paper
It could be that they like cute stuff
Maybe they like cute paper stuff
It could be that they are my friend or family or mom (not actually, I don't think my mom reads it and I am sure that my dad doesn't know I have one and calls blogs "Weblogs". )

OR, it could be something completely different than that.
This is the latest I found when I looked at the keywords that people 'googled' to find my website. Of course there were normal ones, like party themes, invitations, etc, etc. But these were keywords that I couldn't quite place.

In no particular order....

  • i aint no jive turkey
  • dummy man boy
  • good quotes about time
  • cute facebook banner
  • i wana see valentine card
  • collection of things (?)
  • adorable valentine
  • 50's nurse
and, my personal favorite...
  • what is the best kind of apples to eat
  • There are also a LOT of people who are apparently looking for Mimi from the Drew Carey show. I saw her in Dallas at Barnes and Noble one time, and that is an oddly popular post. Who knew she had such a following?
Actually, its quite hard to choose a favorite. Some of them I like just for the odd wording or random subject. Like adorable valentine. Its so..hopeful. 

Others are funny in themselves. Like, Dummy man boy. I wonder WHAT they thought they would find. Its so specific yet odd. Dummy man boy. What image could appear to possibly put a face to that phrase?

Also, collection of things. That one gives me so many thoughts. What kind of things? Probably any kind would do, if you are a person that googles to find a collection of things. How many things? Oh, just a collection. No certain number. Maybe 2, or 5 or 13, but mostly I just want to find a collection of just...things. You know, just a collection of things. Apples, spools of thread, spoons, pet rocks or old baptist hymnals. As long as they are in a collection, I want to see them.

I also like "I wana see a Valentine card". If this is what it sounds like to me, someone needs to tell this over zealot that he doesn't have to type in "I wanna see" every time he searches for something.
Dear Google,
I wanna see the weather in Dallas tomorrow
I wanna see the menu at Cheesecake Factory
I wanna see the Volkswagen Darth Vader Commercial
I wanna see the whole wide Interweb.
Oh, you mean I don't have to search in complete sentences? Thanks, Google.

By the way, I cannot handle how cute these "Hamburger Slider"
cupcakes are. I am telling you, food that looks like other food rocks.
And the apples? That is a valid search, but I am not sure how they ended up here. I am way more likely to blog about cake or candy or food that looks like other food than apples. WAIT- I got it- I blogged about an sugary apple cupcake! That suddenly makes a lot more sense. Mystery solved. At least, one of them.

Which one is your favorite?

How ever you got here, whatever you typed in, please know that it truly IS a pleasure to have your little beady overtired eyes reading my words. :)


Joel Warren said...

I found your blog by googling "sweetest funniest prettiest girl in the universe"!

Joanne said...

I googled cute hot card queen. NJ.

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

oh SHUCKS, friends! You are making me *blush* :)