Popular Christmas Cards: "Merry Christmas to You and Yours" Vintage Photo Card

Day 4 of Popular Christmas Photo Cards brings one with a vintage look!  I have several favorites of my own Christmas cards, and this one ranks up there for me.

Card description: If you are a fan of sepia photos like I am, this is a great option for your holiday card. This adorable green on green aged polka dot card includes a warm Christmas greeting in holiday RED! The filigree swirls and vintage typography surround your family photo. Two matching thin red lines (isn't that a movie? The Thin Red Line?!? Sorry, I digress!) border your photo to make it stand out.

Don't you think the sepia photo looks great with these warm colors?  Or maybe its just the adorable kids...

Each card measures 5x7 and is printed with a vintage flair on aged ecru card stock.

It also looks great with black and white...and here is an example of one with text printed inside.

Although, I like the photo in color as well...

Wanna order this or another Christmas card? Go here...

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