Christmas Card TIPS and unique family photos

There are some of us that are paper lovers--- that have already been thinking about what kind of Christmas cards we want to send out. I know, because I have already gotten emails from you! And there are some of us that can barely think about Halloween, much less a holiday 2 months from now!
The great thing about Christmas cards is that they are the one part of the holiday that DOESN’T have to add to the stress! Wouldn’t it be great to have them addressed and ready to send before the craziness of December even starts? The good news is-- that is attainable for you! I am here to help you!

Here are some Christmas cards tips to help you start thinking --

Begin assembling your Christmas list. If you see someone at church that you should send a card to, write their name down on the back of your checkbook. Do this for about a week every time you check your email, get a phone call, and pick up your kids, and you should have come across a lot of people that might want to get a card from your family without exerting too much energy or thought.

Don’t stress over photos! If the thought of trying to capture all members on your family on film and smiling makes you want to die by licking envelopes, order a card that doesn‘t need a photo! Send one of the Come Together Christmas Graphic cards! Don’t get sucked into something boring or vanilla just because you don’t have a picture of your family.

An example of a Christmas Graphic Card from Come Together Cards

Keep it easy- If you are daring enough to take the picture, get the family in clothes that don’t clash and have a friend take the picture. This doesn’t have to be Olan Mills- just a picture that captures the ages and smiles of where your family is right now. If your kids are grown and out of the house, get them all together and send a picture of you with your grown kids and their kids!

Here is a great example of a very untraditional family photo! And doesn't that make it fun?

Get permission- Finally, if you are visiting Santa at the mall, make sure you get a copy of the picture with your camera, or get a photographer’s release so it may be used on a Christmas card.
Here is our first experence visting Santa Claus when my son was a baby. As one of my cards says, "Its not Christmas until somebody cries!". :)

To kick off the holiday season leaading up to Halloween, I am highlighting some of the most popular Christmas Cards this week. Stay tuned for a post every day with some of the best sellers!
And please, let me know how I can help you "de-stress" the Christmas Card season! I am here to help!

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