My design has turned to CAKE

Remember this post about the Punk Rock and Pearls event?

Well, it has taken place, and here is the SUPER COOL cake that was made from the card I created. I am officially a happy woman. My design has been immortalized on a cake and devoured by middle school girls and moms. I mean, give me a ticket to sit in the audience at Saturday Night Live, and my Bucket List is complete.
The best part? The "Pearls" are Chocolate Cake Truffles dipped in white chocolate and pearlized! WOW.

Yum. I love cute cakes {SO} much. I should just do a post showing you all the cutest cakes. Maybe soon. I am just astounded that something so cute can also taste SO good :).

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Lori said...

That is so totally cool! Love it.