Solving the shopping rut

For shopping, think outside the box of the usual stores. Don't you get in a store rut? Only going to the same places. I know I do! But it helps to think outside the normal stops.
For instance, Pottery Barn Teen has unique pieces! Pottery Barn does too, of course, but I love to find "statement pieces" and PBT is usually overlooked for obvious reasons. But wait, not so fast-- look at these inexpensive ironwork organizers! Interesting!!
It would be cute to use in an office or hall way where things tend to collect. They make quite a statement, and also are practical because the wire is used to put photo, cards (Come Together Cards, I might add!) and other assorted scraps of paper!

While it is adorable to spell out someone's name, I think the more grown-up way to use this would be an inital of your last name.

These are only $15 each, so they are quite affordable as well!