How my 2 year old won his freedom

We are spending this fourth of July in another country, which is always a little strange. We were on a mission trip to Africa last year, and we are doing the same thing at the same time this year, although a different location! They just don't seem as happy in other countries as we are for the day we won our Independence from England! ha!

I am so thankful for the troops. What an amazing gift of freedom that we have been given. So, today, I stand up, put my hand on my heart, and hum the national anthem.

...and the rockets red glarrrrrrre,

the bombs bursting in airrrrrr,

gave proof through the nighttttt,

that our flag was still therrrrrre!

In my mind, I am able to hit all the high notes, too!

Happiest of 4th, fellow Americans!

To stay with the theme of these retro posts, I am looking back to photos from 2 1/2 years ago in July, to when my son was a baby and would let me dress him in whatever I wanted, like flag stuff!!

Now I have to convince him every shirt we put him in is a "sports" shirt. If its from Old Navy and has a picture of waves and palm trees, I say its a "skateboarding" shirt. If its got a number on it, I say its a "soccer" shirt. We also can deviate from this by having 'music shirts' and, what really stretches it is "daddy shirts". (This is when I want him to wear a button up!!) It is working out okay now..until he is old enough to read his shirts. Either that, or reason.

So, I guess we both have won a bit of freedom in his wardrobe...for now.

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