Weird Science

Remember that 80's movie? I saw it when I was a kid...I wonder how its holding up now... Sigh. I like John Hughes.

Anyway, this teacher is graduating with her master's in science, which is actually not weird at all. But the movie wasn't called "Not-so-weird-science" because that is not a cute title for a movie or a blog entry.
To celebrate her Master's (YEAH!!!) I designed a Graduation Girl with science emphasis. She is holding bags with teacher supplies, pencils, chalkboards, and an apple, and the bags have planets, starts, the moon and rocket ship.

This was a fun one to design since I got to put a little sciency flair. I had to rack my brain to figure out what science would be....its been a long time since I sat in a classroom!!

I cut this invitation off to hide the personal details. Its actually a bit longer in real life. I normally change the contact details before I post them, but I doing a "post and run" to go pick up my son!
This is a reminder that I will be on vacation soon, so any new orders should be submitted as soon as possible!

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