Work Music?

I feel like I am over the Christmas hump, do you? Things are still busy, but not quite as busy, which is great, because I can only sustain that crazy schedule for a little bit before I turn into a pumpkin.

Christmas brought me a crisis- a broken printer and computer-in the midst of Christmas orders. I was so scarred that I am just now able to talk about it! Just kidding, kinda! But, alas, both have been replaced and I am typing on my new computer now! My sweet friend, married to one of my sweet friend's (a confusing way to say my friend's husband) told me the stuff to get to make it high tech and with enough memory for all the images I work with, which are space hoggers for sure! So, I am counting on that NOT happening again next Christmas!

So, as I get my new computer up and going, I have a question. I love to listen to music while I work. But some music makes me nervous, and some is so soothing that it is TOO boring. What do you listen to while you work? Or, if you don't listen to music at your computer, what do you think would be good to work to? There is no magic answer-- I am just stuck in a rut. I need some motivating yet non-anxiety provoking music. Any ideas???

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes I listen to music by Joel Warren...I can absolutely recommend his music. You should give it a try!